Retailers play a vital role in the shift towards sustainable consumption. They are often the 'gatekeepers' between consumers and producers, and often have a responsibility to label and communicate about sustainable products. Due to their direct line of communication with consumers, retailers can influence the decisions made by consumers, and in this way, drive sustainability trends forward.when it comes to wood, paper and packaging, choose FSC labelled products to meet high consumer expectations and deliver better outcomes for forests, communities and businesses.

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The front line of CSR

The world’s retailers are part of a major industry. In the US alone, the retail sector is estimated to include one million stores. Retailers are on the front line of corporate social responsibility and transparency, and play a significant role in sustainable production and consumption. An example of this is through choice influencing by making labelled products available and visible.

And, by focusing on the in-house environmental management of their facilities, transportation and logistics, they can directly reduce the environmental impacts from their operations.

Commitment to responsible third-party-verified sourcing is attractive to consumers and helps a brand to gain and maintain trust, according to research conducted by FSC/GlobeScan. This is important to our retail audience as consumer trust is among the most influential factors in consumer purchasing decisions and helps to create loyalty.


Is your business interested in the benefits FSC can provide?

When it comes to forest-based products, FSC certification is the sustainable choice you can trust to deliver better outcomes for forests, people and markets – today and for future generations.

FSC certification can help companies meet legislative requirements while improving market access, increasing revenue and showcasing your sustainability policies.

FSC is the certification of choice for thousands of businesses worldwide. Why should you join us?

    FSC is endorsed by big brands in businesses and by NGOs;
    FSC is the global gold standard in forest certification; and
    We provide an inclusive platform to engage stakeholders.